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 the dancer

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Concept by: d. Sabela Grimes

Dancers: d. Sabela Grimes, Nina Flagg, Jahanna Blunt, Austyn Rich, Brianna Mims

Choreography: d. Sabela Grimes in collaboration with Dancers.

Live Video Art: Meena Murugesan

Live Digital Light Painting: Mr. Maxx Moses

An improvised, collaborative, performance experience between featured dance artists and musicians.

Dancer: Nina Flagg
Violinist: “Maestro The Vocalinist”
Live Band: Ahmad (Percussion), Wayne Matthews Jr. (Drums), Curtis Crump Jr. (Keyboard), Taiki Tsuyama (Bass).


Contemporary solo performed as part of the live performance installation by No)One. Arthouse at The Underground Museum. 

Concept: Chris Emile
Choreography: Roderick George
Soloist: Nina Flagg

In 2012, Nina began teaching a weekly, community-based Dancehall class. Her sole intent was to celebrate Dancehall culture, her Caribbean roots, and the beauty, sensuality and power of the human form. Over the years, she has traveled to Jamaica to study with the brilliant Dancehall artists who continue to innovate and drive the culture. "Dancehall with Nina" is a safe, inclusive space for people from all walks of life to show up, sweat, fete, and whine every week!

Sunday's, 11:30am, Crenshaw Yoga & Dance, $20


Choreography workshop for the "Jeffrey Page Project" paying homage to James Brown. 

Concept & Choreography: Jeffrey Page
Dancers: Nina Flagg, Jana Thompkins

A collaborative choreography workshop, fusing House and African Dance technique(s). 

Collaborators: Nina Flagg, Aaron Mason, Abagail Fritz.


Freestyle practice created at The Getty Museum playing with the idea of liquifying and re-solidifying the body. 

Original movement created and danced by: Nina Flagg

An improvisational practice created during the Covid lockdown. Exploring new ways to stay inspired and engage the domestic spaces as an artistic practice during the pandemic.

Dancer: Nina Flagg

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