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11:30am - 1:00pm
Crenshaw Yoga & Dance

Mature Language and Provocative Movement


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In 2012, Nina began teaching a community Dancehall class as a way to honor her Caribbean roots, and share this BOLD Jamaican dance culture with the L.A. community. What started as an intimate class at a local studio has since become a thriving weekly community practice, with 40+ attendees.

Over the past decade, Nina has traveled to Kingston, Jamaica with fellow Dancehall practitioners to study with the likes of LaTonya Style, Kimiko Versatile, Orville Expressionz, Hectic Dymondz, Black Eagles Crew, Sopreme Blazzaz, and The Ravers

The intention of "Dancehall With Nina" is to amplify authentic Dancehall technique and culture, while empowering individuals to "free up themselves".  

This class is open to all levels, non-dancers and dancers alike and addresses Old School, Middle School, and New School Dancehall party dances, as well as Bruk Out/Bad Gyal style and Shotta/Badman style.

*About Dancehall

Dancehall is a Caribbean social dance and music culture, originating in Kingston, Jamaica. The roots of this provocative music genre can be traced back to the 1970’s, with musical influences from Ska and Reggae. The accompanying dance tradition soon followed in the 1980's and boomed in the 1990's with Jamaican dance icons like, "Bogle" (aka "Mr. Wacky"), "Dancehall Queen Carlene", and "John Hype".

Since the loss of Mr. Bogle, newer generation Dancehall artists have carried on the dance culture, taking its artistry, style, and global reach to new heights.  This highly codified dance tradition continues to unapologetically push the boundaries of global Street Dance culture with its ever-evolving vocabulary and social trends.

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